Need TrackWrestling help for your tournament?

TrackWrestling, LLC Trackwrestling, in my opinion, is the best software to run a tournament. I have experience with TrackWrestling, The Paperless Tourney (Sakora Soft), PES, as well as many others. Yet, none of these programs match the power and versatility of TrackWrestling. There is so much you can do with TrackWreslting, which can sometimes be intimidating. If you are looking to run your tournament on TrackWrestling, and need EXPERT help, I am your guy! I can help you as much or as little as needed. I can come on site, run your tournament remote, or just complete the initial set-up. I customize my services to meet the specific needs of your tournament. Let me provide you with TrackWrestling Help and support so you can focus on coaching your team!

TWJohn now provides TrackCast services!

Not only can John setup your TrackWrestling tournament, but he now provides TrackCast services to events he manages. John broadcast the first ever live TrackCast in Tennessee and John is the live broadcast (TrackCast) leader in the South. Johns' TrackCasts are the most professional streams you will see. Click here to view sample TrackCasts by John.

What do past customers say about John?

“John Salter is outstanding. This was our first year to run TrackWrestling as our official scoring system for the State Dual Meet Tournament and Individual State Tournament. We were given John`s name by some members of the AAU wrestling community. There were a number of issues with the way we had set up certain aspects of our tournament that John was able to quickly identify and correct. John is not only very knowledgeable about TrackWrestling, but he also works extremely well with people under pressure. It is our hope that we will be able to keep John around for years to come to assist with our state tournaments. I would recommend John Salter to anyone seeking to run a tournament with TrackWrestling.”

Mark Reeves
Assistant Executive Director
Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association

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John Salter
Phone: 615.828.4654

$1 per wrestler (350 min)
Plus travel

TrackWrestling Help - Gold Package

I set-up and run your entire tournament on-site based on your needs.

-Complete Track Set-up
-Worker Training
-All Bracketing
-Custom Mat Assignments and number schemes
-On-site operator for your event
-Custom print brackets
-Tournament link on my website
-On-site server with private network

TrackWrestling Support - Gold Package

$0.85 per wrestler (250 min)
no travel costs

TrackWrestling Help - Silver Package

I set-up and run your entire tournament remotely based on your needs.

-Complete Track Set-up
-All Bracketing
-Custom Match Assignments and number schemes
-Custom brackets (must provide your own on-site printer)
-Tournament link on my website
-Remote support for entire tournament (IM and Phone)

TrackWrestling Support - Silver Package

$0.50 per wrestler (200 min)
no travel costs

TrackWrestling Help - Bronze Package

I set-up your tournament based on your needs and you run it.

-Initial Track Set-up
    -Pre registration
    -Bracket Types
    -Groups / Divisions
    -Weight Classes
    -Mats / Schemes
-You complete weigh-ins and build brackets, assign mats
    -I can do this if weigh-ins are the night before.
-Limited support for tournament (Phone)

TrackWrestling Support - Bronze Package

*Rates are negotiable based on tournament needs.

News / Updates

NCWA - Dual Championships
1.22.2015 John will provide Gold Level services at the NCWA Dual National Championships in Dalton Georgia. This will be the first time John has managed a National event for the NCWA. We are looking forward to working with the NCWA and establishing a working relationship for many years to come.
TSSAA State Championship
01.30.2015 John has been asked to provide management services for the 2015 TSSAA State Dual and Individual Championships. These events will mark the 10th time John has hosted a TSSAA event and the second consecutive year he has been asked to manage the TSSAA premier wrestling tournaments.


TSSAA HS State DualsTSSAA HS State Duals

TSSAA Region 5 ChampTSSAA Region 5 Champ

TSSAA Ind State ChampTSSAA Ind State Champ

TNAAU Ind State ChampionshipTNAAU Ind State Championship

University of the Cumberlands Patriot OpenUC Patriot Open

MTSU Alumni DualsMTSU Alumni Duals

CTWC ChampionshipCTWC Championship

Ultimate Wrestling RR

Beech InvitationalBeech Invitational

TNAAU Music City BrawlTNAAU Music City Brawl

NCWA Natl DualsNCWA Natl Duals

TNAAU WildCat OpenTNAAU WildCat Open

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Disney Duals Tennessee IronMan

TNAAU Ind State Championship TNAAU Reg 4 Championship

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TSSAA Ind State Champ TSSAA Region 5 Champ

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